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Thinking about collaborating with Ventures Accelerated?

Ventures Accelerated creates customized strategies for each sponsor in order to incorporate sponsorship objectives in our projects. The executive team works with each sponsor to leverage our organization's resources to maximize our sponsors’ benefit and influence on campus.


Some of the main ways we support our sponsors include but are not limited to:

  • Grow sponsor recognition on campus via speaking opportunities and acknowledgments

  • Engage with Cornell's best entrepreneurs, engineers, and leaders

  • Opportunities to meet some of the most groundbreaking startups coming out of Cornell

GoAhead Ventures

GoAhead Ventures is an early stage Venture Capital fund based in Silicon Valley with ~120M AUM that invests in 30+ startups yearly.


Dorm Room Fund

Dorm Room Fund is a $3 million American venture capital firm focused on investments in student-run startups. The firm is one of the most active seed-stage investors in the US.

Contrary Capital

Contrary is a venture fund that identifies and invests in the world's top talent. Backed by iconic founders from Tesla, Airbnb, Facebook, and more.


2Stay2Go Capital

A student-run hospitality capital that started 2stay2go restaurant in college town. Currently, they are planning on launching Love Buttah, a premium butter product.

Bonsai Capital

A student-focused venture capital fund concentrated in finding the top entrepreneurs building extraordinary businesses.


A communications platform launched on 2019 in the midst of COVID-19. Since then, it was able to secure fundings from multiple firms - notably Google Capital.

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