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Letter from the Founder

Dear budding founder:


I founded Ventures Accelerated with the belief that bringing together incredible student founders would result in the creation of world-changing startups. I first noticed the talent, drive, and passion across many of my peers at Cornell when I arrived my freshman year. They quickly inspired me to go on my own journey of building a company, which later became ORama AI. I founded Ventures Accelerated with the hopes to help others go on that same journey. 


The organization’s goal is to help any student take their startup to the next level. From concept to revenue, cold emails to VC funded, and ultimately idea to reality. My hope for VA’s community is for our members to relentlessly support one another, learn from each other, and become lifelong friends extending beyond just being mutual founders. 


Founding ORama AI was the hardest thing I have ever done. I made many mistakes and learned countless lessons along the way. The Curriculum is ever evolving and built to help our founders avoid the painful pitfalls. 


Founding a company is not for the faint of heart. For those that are daring,  the memories you will make, relationships you will cultivate, and adventures you will embark upon make the beaten path worth it. 


I can’t wait to see the ideas you will bring to life, truths you will learn along the way, and the momentous impact you will make on the world. Looking forward to welcoming you to Ventures Accelerated.




Founder, Ventures Accelerated

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